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Pastor Adam Nuckols’ Call to Church Planting

Q&A Document

Pastor Adam and Lacy have served the church and the students of SMRBC well since 2015.  We are very appreciative of their lives and ministry among us. Over the past year Adam has expressed his calling to plant a church in the Bon Air area of Richmond. Our pastors have prepared this document to answer anticipated questions.

  1. How long will Adam remain with us in our student ministry? Adam is committed to serving our students faithfully, even while raising support and enlisting his core team. The personnel team has affirmed Adam remaining in his current role through December 2022.  If Adam needs to leave earlier to accept bi-vocational employment, we will understand. If there is a gap between Adam’s departure and a new student minister being in place, we will likely secure an interim student minister who will coordinate with our faithful volunteer leaders.
  2. When will we begin our search for our new student minister?  With an eye to the future, we have already begun exploring current best practices in student ministry. The pastors will take a fresh look at the job description and will work with the personnel committee on any substantial changes. We anticipate we will have a search team ready for church approval at our September 28 business meeting.
  3. Will we help Adam and Lacy with this planting effort? Yes. We want to assist in this effort as the weeks and months progress. Our congregation will look at what we can contribute to their church plant, much like what we do for other SBCV church plants. We will assist as Adam walks through the NAMB church planter assessment process, and we hope we can also help with outreach projects as requested by Adam.
  4. How can I learn more about Adam’s church planting effort?  Adam will be hosting an information meeting on September 11 in the student area where he will share the vision for the church plant and answer any questions you have. Again, we love and appreciate Adam, Lacy, and their girls and we will remain faithful in prayer as they follow the Lord’s leading into a new ministry of church planting.