I am grateful you have contacted the SMRBC Counseling Ministry, and I look forward to helping you navigate this season in your life. I know God can use this challenging time to help you grow spiritually and draw you closer to Him. However, the journey is not often easy and will require commitment on your part. I thought it would be helpful to let you know a little more about what to expect from counseling, including your role in the process.

    1. For in person meetings at the church or questions about counseling contact Cindy Strange @ SMRBCcounseling@gmail.com. For online appointments you can select from the available dates and times via the Client Portal. 
    2. I do offer a limited number of evening sessions to help with scheduling.
    3. I may give you homework assignments to complete between your scheduled meetings. The completion of any homework assignments is vital to your recovery and growth and shows your investment in the process.
    4. My desire is to see counseling through to a mutually agreed closure, but if you are not committed to the process, I may have to conclude our sessions and make an appropriate referral.
    5. SMRBC Counseling is ministry based so there is no cost to you.

I am confident in the transformational power of Christ,

Cindy Strange, MA