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SMRBC Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to Know Staples Mill

What are you about at Staples Mill?

We are all about Jesus.  He is the only hero in our story. We are thrilled that He loves us, saves us, and leads us.  It is our joy to point people to Him as the source of forgiveness, joy, purpose, and never-ending life.

Do you care what I wear?

We don’t care at all what you wear to worship.  The first Christians didn’t have the luxury of special Sunday clothes.  They just knew they needed to worship together and encourage each other.  God has always been more concerned about our hearts.  At Staples Mill jeans are plentiful and ties are very rare.  Come as you are.  Just come and encounter the living God with us!

Do I need to be familiar with the Bible to come? 

Our pastors joyfully preach and teach from the Bible, but they know that many people have never opened it before.  Don’t be intimidated at all!  We love introducing new friends to the treasure of God’s Word in a way they can understand.   Besides, we are not going to ask you any Bible quiz questions.

Do I need to have my life all together before I come there?

Not at all! There are no perfect people here. We all have a past.  We all have struggles.  We are all works in progress.  Bring your humble, hurting, even broken heart and we will point you to an amazing Savior who gives new hope and new life.  We are just like you.  Jesus is the perfect One.  We invite you to grow in Christ with us.

What will happen when I visit?

We understand that visiting a place for the first time can be intimidating, but we don’t want it to be that way. Our goal is for your first visits with us to be super easy and encouraging.  We want you here.

Parking: Look for our visitor parking spots near our Warren Road entrance.  Our lots get pretty full but we have reserved these spaces for you.  Park and come on in!

Greeters: Friendly greeters at the door will answer any questions you have for directions.

Worship: Walk into the worship center and find a seat.  Feel free to say hello to those seated near you. They may be visiting for the first time too. We will not single you out at any time.  Though we hope to get to know you very well over time, you can be as anonymous as you want during your first visits.

Children/Student Ministry: We have awesome programming and caring leaders for kids as well.  When you are ready for them to try out their groups, just ask one of our greeters to direct you where to drop off and pick them up.  We love investing in the next generation!

What do you believe?  We are people who have experienced new life in Jesus Christ.  We are eager for God to continue His work in us through His Spirit and through His Word, the Bible.  We completely trust the message of the Bible. The Bible accurately reveals what God wants us to know about Himself, the world around us, and how to live in it. God is amazing! He is the Creator of the heavens and earth. He is completely perfect in every respect. He loved us so much that He gave His Son to die for the sins of the world.  Jesus was raised to life on the third day, overcoming sin and death! We haven’t gotten over the reality that He was willing to pay such a high price to reconcile us to Himself.  The more we get to know Him the more we are awed by Him. The more we get to know Him the more we want to draw close to Him. We have no righteousness of our own. In Christ we’ve taken part in a great exchange. We have taken our sinfulness to Jesus and we have received His righteousness instead. If you want to read more details about what we believe, click this link to read the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. This statement of belief accurately reflects our convictions. The Baptist Faith and Message

Tell me about your Life Groups. Our Life Groups meet at 9:30 and 11:00 on Sunday mornings and will give you a chance to get to know people around your age in a more personal setting. Additional Life Groups meet on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. Joining a Life Group is a vital part of membership at Staples Mill.  By design, this will be your first line of pastoral care and fellowship.  These will be friends that will walk with you through the ups and downs of life we all face.   A Life Group brochure is available in the foyer which lists all of our groups and where they meet.  Please ask one of the greeters if you need any help making this important connection.

What if I have another question? Contact us in the church office.  We love answering questions and helping people find their home at Staples Mill.  You can call us at 804-672-6811, or if you prefer to email, you can reach us at  We look forward to hearing from you.